TRUE STORY: Bringing Columbia Home

Discover great nonfiction storytellers on my podcast TRUE STORY.

Coming up Monday 1/29 8:30pm ET: My interview with Michael Leinbach and Jonathan Ward, authors of BRINGING COLUMBIA HOME.

The book tells the story of the 2003 Columbia shuttle tragedy that took the lives of seven astronauts, and the extraordinary effort to recover the remains of Columbia and its crew and piece together the mystery of what brought the shuttle down. Involving more than 25,000 men and women, and more than 680,000 acres of land (an area approximately the size of Rhode Island), the recovery proved to be the largest ground search operation in U.S. history.

It’s an amazing story of determination and resilience — and of the friendships forged by tragedy.

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True Story With Brian Freeman

Because I write thrillers for a living, most people assume that’s what I read, too.

In fact, I realized early on that I had to make the tough decision to give up reading my own genre. When you write suspense all day long, the idea of curling up with someone else’s suspense novel at the end of the day feels a lot like work! It becomes “market research” rather than “entertainment.”

So, I had to go another way. These days, I mostly read nonfiction, particularly history, biographies, and memoirs – books that are nothing like my own work. But that’s what makes it fun for me. In fact, I’m launching a regular podcast on the Authors on the Air network called True Story, in which I interview nonfiction writers who tell real stories with all the drama, emotion, and suspense you’d find in a thriller.

What’s coming up next?

Click here to listen to TRUE STORY live on Monday, January 22, at 8:30 pm ET, as I interview Simon Baatz about his new nonfiction book THE GIRL ON THE VELVET SWING.

Forget OJ…this story was the real crime of the century, when playboy millionaire Harry Thaw murdered famed architect Stanford White in the middle of a Madison Square Garden crowd. The motive? Thaw was convinced that White had raped his wife, Evelyn Nesbit, when she was just sixteen years old.

But was Nesbit telling the truth? And was Thaw sane — or a violent madman? Simon tells the story of the love triangle and murder trial that electrified the USA at the dawn of the twentieth century.  It’s sure to be a fascinating show!

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It’s Almost Here

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