The Voice Inside

Last year, THE NIGHT BIRD twisted your memories.

This year, THE VOICE INSIDE sets evil free on the streets of San Francisco. Get the latest Frost Easton thriller now before #3 arrives in January!

Fresh Fiction

Great to see ALTER EGO as today’s “fresh pick” at Fresh Fiction, one of the top reader sites on the web. The fresh picks are chosen by the site’s readers and reviewers — so thanks, everybody!

Have you read the book yet?

Book Club Picks

Attention book clubs! Are you making your fall and winter picks?

I now have book club discussion questions on my website for ALL of my novels, including this year’s books THE VOICE INSIDE and ALTER EGO. So you’re ready to open the wine and start chatting!

There’s a page with information for every book at

(Of course, discussion questions usually include spoilers, so no peeking if you haven’t read a particular book!)

Mark Your Calendar – July 29

Mark your calendars for Sunday…! ALTER EGO is the July 29 Amazon Kindle Daily Deal.

This is the perfect time to meet Jonathan Stride.

TRUE STORY: The Royal Art of Poison

Don’t miss the latest episode of TRUE STORY…!

I interview Eleanor Herman about her wonderfully witty, cheerfully disgusting, and always entertaining book THE ROYAL ART OF POISON.

Unicorn horns? Rooster dung? Vermin, lice, and liquifying organs? It’s all here…! You really need to hear this one, but, um, not while you’re eating.

The book is available now from St. Martin’s Press.

Click here to listen!