Stride in Vegas

I’m continuing my look at the entire Jonathan Stride series in anticipation of the September launch of the new Stride novel, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND. This week: the second Stride novel, STRIPPED.

STRIPPED is the only full-length Stride novel set outside Duluth. Instead, Stride and Serena must confront a mystery with decades-old roots in the glamour and seaminess of Las Vegas. I love the supporting characters in this book: Stride’s gender-bending partner, Amanda Gillen; the bold, seductive Claire; old-style Vegas gangsters like Boni Fisso and Leo Rucci; the secretive, reclusive Hollywood billionaire Walker Lane; and many more.

The relationship between Stride and Serena that began in IMMORAL is really tested in this book. Stride is a fish out of water in Las Vegas and knows he won’t last here. We also learn a lot more about Serena’s troubled past. These two have to decide whether — and where — they can make a life together.

The Florida Sun-Sentinel named STRIPPED one of the top 10 mysteries of the year when it was released, and all these years later, a lot of readers still call it their favorite book.

Find it here:

In the Beginning

Fifteen years ago, it all began with IMMORAL. This was the novel that launched my career and introduced Jonathan Stride to readers. What a way to begin…a novel sold in 17 languages, Main Selection in the Literary Guild and the Book of the Month Club, and the Macavity Award winner and finalist for the Edgar, Dagger, Barry, and Anthony Awards for Best First Novel.

As we make our way toward the September 22 release of the tenth Stride novel, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, I thought I’d highlight each of the Stride novels over the next several weeks. If you’re staying home, this is a great time to catch up on the series.

Go back and read IMMORAL and meet Stride, Serena, and Maggie for the first time. As you go through the series, you’ll see how they’ve evolved as characters (and you’ll see my writing and plotting style change, too). I want these heroes to be real people, with strengths and flaws, victories and setbacks. Sometimes they’ll make mistakes, but that’s what makes them human.

The plot in IMMORAL spans several years as Stride tries to puzzle out the truth behind the disappearance of a very twisted teenager named Rachel Deese. I’ve had a lot of surprises in my books over the years, but the whodunit in IMMORAL remains one of my all-time favorites. As the tagline on the book said, if you think you know how it ends, think again… 

Bourne. Stride.

Two of your favorite heroes — Jason Bourne and Jonathan Stride — return later this year!

July 28…my first Bourne book for the Robert Ludlum estate comes out: THE BOURNE EVOLUTION. This is an all-new take on Ludlum’s iconic character, and it stands completely on its own. Don’t miss it!

September 22…get ready for the long-awaited return of Jonathan Stride in FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND. Definitely the most shocking Stride book yet.

Both are available for pre-order now!

Meet Jonathan Stride

I’ve heard from a lot of readers who are using time at home to re-read the Jonathan Stride series from the beginning. Great plan!

Don’t miss a book…here’s the complete list from IMMORAL through ALTER EGO. Then you’ll be ready for the all-new Stride novel FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND coming September 22.



How Writers Write

I recorded a great podcast recently with Brian Murphy of How Writers Write. We spent an hour digging into the creative side of the writing biz…so it’s long, but if you’re hunkered down at home, I think you’ll enjoy it.

What to Read Next

Looking for what to read after THIEF RIVER FALLS?

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