Marcia Freeman — aka “The Author’s Wife” — is Brian’s full-time partner in the book business. She coordinates all of his events, so if you’d like Brian to make a live or virtual appearance at your library or call in to your book club, send her an e-mail or a Facebook message. Marcia is the first reader whenever Brian completes a new book.  “She’s my best — and most thorough — editor,” he says.  “She catches everything from major plot points to the smallest typo.” In addition to her marketing work, Marcia stays in close touch with Brian’s readers and writes a blog that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the funny, personal side of life in publishing.

Connect with Marcia

Our Editing Teamwork

From Marcia at Although Brian and I enjoy spending time on the road promoting his books, like so many of you, we’ve spent much of the last year at home. Now, the good thing about this is that Brian’s been able to really dive into his multiple projects. In fact, he will have three […]

Meet Kori

From Marcia at Like so many of you…Brian and I have been spending most of our days at home. (Of course, that’s a good thing—because it means that Brian’s had plenty of time to write…!) And also like so many of you, this means that instead of traveling–we’ve been reminiscing about some of the […]

Social Distancing

From Marcia at With April 1 soon upon us, many of us are asking whether we’re all living through one of the biggest April Fool’s Day jokes ever. Sadly, the answer is no…the current healthcare situation with Covid-19 is very real and very scary. Our hearts go out to the families who have lost […]

Second-Story Cat

From Marcia at Now that the holidays are passed (and we hope yours were terrific)…our Minnesota winter has arrived…and Brian is once again settling in to a regular routine of writing—particularly important since he’s got three manuscript deadlines in 2020…! A number of years ago, he converted one of the second floor bedrooms in […]