Minnesota Book Awards

Wow! Love to see THE URSULINA as a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award.

This is my 7th time as a finalist…which makes me feel proud (and old)! I last won the award two years ago for THE DEEP, DEEP SNOW…so there’s some beautiful synergy in having THE URSULINA as a finalist, too.

What a great roster of books and authors in all of the categories this year. Enjoy all of them!

Audible Daily Deal (December 24)

Santa knows you were good this year. I REMEMBER YOU, with incredible narration by Carlotta Brentan, is today’s Audible Daily Deal…just in time for Christmas. Ho ho ho!

It’s only $3.99 for Audible members and non-members alike! (Plus, you can get it through Amazon, too.)

But hurry…the deal disappears just as Santa is getting ready to come down the chimney!

Fiendish Freeman

“Fiendish Freeman”

Apparently, that’s my new nickname. My latest stand-alone thriller I REMEMBER YOU is available now, and here’s what Kirkus says in their starred review:

“Fasten your seatbelts. Fiendish Freeman has engineered another peerlessly bumpy ride…. Wheels within wheels within wheels, cunningly intermeshed by a master who sweats every nightmarish detail.”

I REMEMBER YOU is about a young woman who’s revived after her heart stops — and finds herself haunted by dark memories that seem to come from someone else’s life. Publishers Weekly compares the book to the medical thrillers of Michael Crichton and says, “Freeman keeps the twists coming.”

Bookreporter chimes in: “With the release of I REMEMBER YOU, author Brian Freeman has conceived something unlike anything I have read from him previously and the end result is a fiendishly clever novel that will keep you puzzled and surprised right up to the final pages.”

There’s that word again. Fiendish!

Are you intrigued? You can get your copy right now in e-book, Kindle Unlimited, audio, hardcover, and paperback…and start reading this weekend!

Jason Bourne is Back

Jason Bourne is back!
THE BOURNE SACRIFICE is available now in hardcover, e-book, and audio.
“Exciting action scenes, the untangling of the mystery, Bourne’s fighting skills, and the enduring conundrum of his lost past keep the pages turning. Freeman is a worthy successor to Robert Ludlum.” – Publishers Weekly
“Fans of Freeman’s first two Bourne novels will be thrilled with this one…An exciting, satisfying thriller.” – Booklist
Get your copy today!
Jason Bourne faces the reader dead-on, his body in silhouette, a gun in his hand. The title THE BOURNE SACRIFICE is in yellow against a background of green diagonal lines.

Your Hot Summer Reading: THE BOURNE SACRIFICE

It’s June…and that means Jason Bourne returns next month! Pre-order your copy of THE BOURNE SACRIFICE.
“Exciting action scenes…and the enduring conundrum of his lost past keep the pages turning. Freeman is a worthy successor to Robert Ludlum,” says Publishers Weekly.
Start reading on July 26!

The Dollar Store

It’s like having your very own dollar store this month!

Four different books available for your Kindle…and each only 99 cents through the end of March…THIEF RIVER FALLS and all three Frost Easton books (THE NIGHT BIRD, THE VOICE INSIDE, and THE CROOKED STREET).

Plus a little bonus…I see that my Jonathan Stride novella TURN TO STONE is currently just 99 cents too.

Happy reading!

Best So Far

“If there’s a contest for the best book of 2022 so far, Brian Freeman’s THE URSULINA is near the top.”
That’s what the Pioneer Press says in their review of THE URSULINA. Get your copy today — and start reading!

THE URSULINA: Watch the Trailer

“Just when you think you might know where things are going, Freeman saves the biggest surprise for last…and it’s a whopper. THE URSULINA is well-plotted, intense and a heck of a fun ride.”

That’s Ray Palen of Bookreporter in his review of my latest novel, THE URSULINA.

Check out the amazing video trailer below — and then grab your copy!