Coming in 2020: The Bourne Conspiracy

So…I have a little bit of news. Yes, Marcia and I have been dying to share this secret for months, and now we finally can. Putnam Books and the Robert Ludlum estate have hired ME to take over Ludlum’s famous Jason Bourne character.

Look for my new Bourne thriller THE BOURNE CONSPIRACY in 2020…!

This is truly a dream assignment, maybe the premiere opportunity in the thriller world. And on a personal level, it’s such a special honor. I’ve been a Robert Ludlum fan since I was a teenager, so having the opportunity to continue his legacy is one of the most amazing things to happen to me in my publishing career.

Minnesota Book Awards

Last night was a very special night for me:  THE VOICE INSIDE won the Minnesota Book Award for Genre Fiction.

This was the fifth time I’d been a finalist for the award in the past 14 years, and it really was such a thrill to hear them call my name. Of course, the big thanks went to Marcia for all of her love, support, and editorial wisdom. I wouldn’t have been standing up there without her.

So this beautiful award goes on my shelf next to the Thriller Award for Best Hardcover Novel for SPILLED BLOOD. Truly amazing.


Meet Frost Easton

April is the perfect month to get to know my San Francisco-based hero, Frost Easton.

The first book in the series — the #1 bestseller THE NIGHT BIRD — is a Kindle monthly deal, so you can put it on your device at a great price.

And once you’ve read THE NIGHT BIRD, the next two books are already waiting for you…THE VOICE INSIDE and THE CROOKED STREET.

Click here to learn more about THE NIGHT BIRD.

Listen In

Check out this archived podcast interview with me talking about Frost Easton and THE CROOKED STREET. (And maybe a little Jonathan Stride, too.)

Click here to listen in.


The Frost Easton Series

And then there were three. Have you read them all?


The early reviews are starting to roll in for THE CROOKED STREET.

Bookreporter, one of the great book sites that every reader should be following, just chimed in today. You can read the full review by clicking here.

Here’s my favorite part:

“I’ve described Brian Freeman’s style as incredibly smooth, and all of that is on display in THE CROOKED STREET….The end result is another stellar effort in this terrific series that seems to get more layered and personal with each new release. I can guarantee that you will be reeling after you’ve read the last line and will be hoping that the follow-up comes as soon as possible.”

Yes, words like that mean a lot to a writer. And yes, reviews really matter. I hope you’ll read THE CROOKED STREET yourself — and post your own thoughts on Goodreads and Amazon for other readers.  That really does make a difference.



Today’s the day!

Frost Easton is back on the streets of San Francisco, and THE CROOKED STREET is available right now. You can get it in e-book, audio, hardcover, and paperback…either from Amazon, BN, or your local indie retailer.

Early readers are raving about the book!

“As usual, Brian Freeman kicks ass and takes names in his newest upcoming release.” 

“If all the books I read this year are half as good as Crooked Street, it will be a good 2019.”

“OMG what a fantastic ride. Action unravels at a breakneck speed… this gem is every bit as good as Connelly’s Bosch series.”

“Seeing Brian Freeman’s name on the cover means the book is going to be great…The Crooked Street is another winner.” 

“It’s a thrilling mystery and you will read late into the night.”

A Weekend for FROST

Everyone in Minnesota knows January is a time for FROST.  Well, it’s been a heckuva weekend for Frost Easton.

First THE VOICE INSIDE was named a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award in Genre Fiction.

Then today I woke up to this wonderful review of THE CROOKED STREET from Mary Ann Grossman in the Pioneer Press:

“This is a thriller that will keep you up all night. And even the most perceptive crime novel fan will be stunned by the cliff-hanger conclusion.”

Want more?  The Duluth News-Tribune says: “A wild, twisting mystery….don’t miss this novel!”

Remember…the new book is out on TUESDAY!


Minnesota Book Awards

Is there another state blessed with such a diversity of great genre writers as Minnesota?  It’s really an amazing list we have in this state. Of course, what is there to do in the winters but sit inside and think dark thoughts?

For me, I am so honored that THE VOICE INSIDE is a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award for Genre Fiction, along with books by Kelly Barnhill, Allen Eskens, and Mindy Mejia. It’s the fifth time I’ve been a finalist…wow! This recognition for THE VOICE INSIDE comes on the heels of nominations for my earlier books STRIPPED, THE BONE HOUSE, THE COLD NOWHERE, and SEASON OF FEAR.

So if you haven’t read THE VOICE INSIDE yet, this is the perfect time! (And the follow-up book THE CROOKED STREET arrives on Tuesday.) Then be sure to check out all of our great Minnesota writers.