Have you discovered THE NIGHT BIRD yet? The first book in the Frost Easton series has more than 2,200 5-star reviews on Amazon.

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The Deep, Deep Snow

In just three weeks, we’ve had more than 2,700 reviews of THE DEEP, DEEP SNOW on Audible…more than any other audio edition of any of my books.

I hope you’ll give it a listen and see why this mystery is one of my personal favorites of anything I’ve written.

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All Month Long

Looking for your next summer read?

If you haven’t discovered my Frost Easton series yet, you can put the first book, THE NIGHT BIRD, on your Kindle at a great price right now. It’s one of the monthly Kindle deals in July. This #1 Amazon bestseller was one of the top 20 Kindle sellers of 2017…and it may be the creepiest book I’ve written!

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June 20: New Audiobook

Audiobook fans, mark your calendars! My all-new, full-length novel arrives on June 20 as an Audible Original. AND it will be the Audible Daily Deal on launch day!
With narration by the amazing January LaVoy, this emotional mystery ripples through ten years in the life of a small town — and introduces you to an unforgettable heroine who discovers that the dead are sometimes easier to rescue than the living.

Big Deal

Looking for your next summer read?

GOODBYE TO THE DEAD is a Kindle Big Deal this week…put it on your Kindle from now until June 16 for only $2.99!

Summer Reading

The weather is getting warmer! Are you starting to think about your summer reading list?

It’s the perfect time…because two of my Frost Easton novels, THE VOICE INSIDE (which just won the Minnesota Book Award) and THE CROOKED STREET, are both Kindle deals throughout the month of May. Several of my Jonathan Stride novels are available at terrific e-book prices, too. So put them all on your Kindle and get ready for the beach!

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Coming in 2020: The Bourne Conspiracy

So…I have a little bit of news. Yes, Marcia and I have been dying to share this secret for months, and now we finally can. Putnam Books and the Robert Ludlum estate have hired ME to take over Ludlum’s famous Jason Bourne character.

Look for my new Bourne thriller THE BOURNE CONSPIRACY in 2020…!

This is truly a dream assignment, maybe the premiere opportunity in the thriller world. And on a personal level, it’s such a special honor. I’ve been a Robert Ludlum fan since I was a teenager, so having the opportunity to continue his legacy is one of the most amazing things to happen to me in my publishing career.

Minnesota Book Awards

Last night was a very special night for me:  THE VOICE INSIDE won the Minnesota Book Award for Genre Fiction.

This was the fifth time I’d been a finalist for the award in the past 14 years, and it really was such a thrill to hear them call my name. Of course, the big thanks went to Marcia for all of her love, support, and editorial wisdom. I wouldn’t have been standing up there without her.

So this beautiful award goes on my shelf next to the Thriller Award for Best Hardcover Novel for SPILLED BLOOD. Truly amazing.