Nelson DeMille

This may be my favorite story of how someone became a long-time fan of my books! From an e-mail I got yesterday:
“I am a retired police officer of 30 years. Nelson DeMille is one of our residents, who I have met many times. When he releases a new book, Nelson usually supplies some of our officers with a signed copy.
With that said, many years ago a burglary alarm went off in Nelson’s house, and while my partner and I were checking the exterior of his home, we came upon an unsecure rear door. Our procedure is to check the entire interior to make sure everything is in order. While checking the master bedroom, on Nelson’s night table was a book titled IMMORAL! Upon completion of checking the residence, securing the rear door and notifying Nelson DeMille of the outcome, my partner and I researched the book titled Immoral, and figured that if Nelson DeMille was reading it, maybe it was something that we would enjoy. I bought a copy of Immoral, and the rest is history!!”
Soooo…a big thank you to my reader John for sharing that story (and a big thanks to Nelson DeMille, too!). After all, many is the time I’ve had one of Nelson’s books on MY nightstand!