Today’s the day!

Frost Easton is back on the streets of San Francisco, and THE CROOKED STREET is available right now. You can get it in e-book, audio, hardcover, and paperback…either from Amazon, BN, or your local indie retailer.

Early readers are raving about the book!

“As usual, Brian Freeman kicks ass and takes names in his newest upcoming release.” 

“If all the books I read this year are half as good as Crooked Street, it will be a good 2019.”

“OMG what a fantastic ride. Action unravels at a breakneck speed… this gem is every bit as good as Connelly’s Bosch series.”

“Seeing Brian Freeman’s name on the cover means the book is going to be great…The Crooked Street is another winner.” 

“It’s a thrilling mystery and you will read late into the night.”

A Weekend for FROST

Everyone in Minnesota knows January is a time for FROST.  Well, it’s been a heckuva weekend for Frost Easton.

First THE VOICE INSIDE was named a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award in Genre Fiction.

Then today I woke up to this wonderful review of THE CROOKED STREET from Mary Ann Grossman in the Pioneer Press:

“This is a thriller that will keep you up all night. And even the most perceptive crime novel fan will be stunned by the cliff-hanger conclusion.”

Want more?  The Duluth News-Tribune says: “A wild, twisting mystery….don’t miss this novel!”

Remember…the new book is out on TUESDAY!


Minnesota Book Awards

Is there another state blessed with such a diversity of great genre writers as Minnesota?  It’s really an amazing list we have in this state. Of course, what is there to do in the winters but sit inside and think dark thoughts?

For me, I am so honored that THE VOICE INSIDE is a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award for Genre Fiction, along with books by Kelly Barnhill, Allen Eskens, and Mindy Mejia. It’s the fifth time I’ve been a finalist…wow! This recognition for THE VOICE INSIDE comes on the heels of nominations for my earlier books STRIPPED, THE BONE HOUSE, THE COLD NOWHERE, and SEASON OF FEAR.

So if you haven’t read THE VOICE INSIDE yet, this is the perfect time! (And the follow-up book THE CROOKED STREET arrives on Tuesday.) Then be sure to check out all of our great Minnesota writers.

Hearing From Readers

From Marcia at

With Brian’s next book THE CROOKED STREET due out on Tuesday, there are a lot of details that we need to attend to…but in the midst of that, we both enjoy the opportunity to interact with his fans. (We’re always receiving emails from folks around the world.) And as we were working yesterday, a lovely email came in from one of Brian’s fans…it was so touching that I asked Brian if I could share it here. And of course, he said yes.

Don’t worry, your eyes aren’t failing you…the text IS very small…and even if the letters weren’t so small, it’s in Italian…! Neither Brian nor I speak nor read Italian, so thank goodness for online translators, right…? They’re always a little “rough”…but the gist comes through. It reads as follows:

“The trouble again but I just finished – the darkest day [the Italian edition of MARATHON] – spectacular. I have no words is wonderful. I am entranced by the intrigue of his stories. I have been in a wheelchair for seven years because of stroke and therefore my hobby is to read light and read. I only read foreign thrillers and I like them a lot. They fill me the day and they make me forget my disability and make me feel like the others.

In addition to being in love with his books, his fantastic characters, in my mind I imagined the city of duluth.

I have read many American writers but I have never seen so much BRIAN FREEMAN.


The translation may not be grammatically correct, but that doesn’t matter…her kind thoughts came through loud and clear…and warmed our hearts on this cold Minnesota day…!

Event Season Kicks Off

For better or worse, they’re letting me out in the world again. Lots of events coming up in January and February.

I’ve got bookstore launch events for THE CROOKED STREET in Duluth and Minneapolis, plus library visits to Eagle Bend, Sauk Centre, Big Lake, and Delano.

(All weather permitting, of course. It’s winter, don’t ya know…)

Get the details on times and locations here:


I unwrapped my post-Christmas surprise. You can get your surprise when THE CROOKED STREET comes out on January 29…!

Looking Forward and Back

From Marcia at

Now that the holidays are over (we hope yours were great) and the new year is upon us, a lot of us are thinking about time…the past, the present and the future.

One of the interesting things about the publishing business for us is that Brian and I often find ourselves actually living in the past, present and the future—simultaneously.

How so…? Well, with so many of his books out in the marketplace, Brian is always hearing from readers who are reading those previous books…so we regularly revisit the characters and their experiences in the past. Just like all of us, those characters have changed and grown…and it’s fun to hear how readers relate to them, have embraced them, and grown right along with them over the years.

As for the present…with Brian’s new book coming out soon (January 29 and it’s available for pre-order right now), he’s already busily working on the next one…a book that will reach readers’ hands in the future. Indeed, the book that he’s working on now will be published about a year from now…in 2020…!

But just as none of us knows what the future has in store for us, none of us knows what the future holds for the characters in Brian’s books. Well, none of us…except for Brian, that is…and of course, he’s not telling any of us—not even me—yet…!

January Is a Time for FROST

We’re only three weeks away from the launch of my new Frost Easton thriller THE CROOKED STREET on January 29. While you wait for Frost to return to the streets of San Francisco, you can catch up on the first two books in the series at a great price.

The huge reader favorite THE VOICE INSIDE and the #1 Kindle bestseller THE NIGHT BIRD are both Kindle Deals throughout the month of January. So you can put them on your e-reader right now for just $1.99 each.

Want even more? Several of my Jonathan Stride e-books are on sale right now, too.

Click here to go the Brian Freeman store at Amazon.

MARATHON: Plymouth Community Read

The Plymouth READS program in Plymouth, Minnesota, has selected Brian’s thriller MARATHON as its citywide community read for 2019. Visit the Plymouth READS website for more information about the wide-ranging community events this spring surrounding MARATHON — and then join Brian at the Plymouth Creek Center on April 11 for a discussion of the issues raised in this ripped-from-the-headlines novel. Brian will talk about the process that led to the creation of MARATHON and answer questions about the book.

If you’d like to select one of Brian’s novels for your local community-wide read program — and invite him to join the discussion — just contact Marcia Freeman for more information.