Hearing From Readers

From Marcia at facebook.com/theauthorswife:

With Brian’s next book THE CROOKED STREET due out on Tuesday, there are a lot of details that we need to attend to…but in the midst of that, we both enjoy the opportunity to interact with his fans. (We’re always receiving emails from folks around the world.) And as we were working yesterday, a lovely email came in from one of Brian’s fans…it was so touching that I asked Brian if I could share it here. And of course, he said yes.

Don’t worry, your eyes aren’t failing you…the text IS very small…and even if the letters weren’t so small, it’s in Italian…! Neither Brian nor I speak nor read Italian, so thank goodness for online translators, right…? They’re always a little “rough”…but the gist comes through. It reads as follows:

“The trouble again but I just finished – the darkest day [the Italian edition of MARATHON] – spectacular. I have no words is wonderful. I am entranced by the intrigue of his stories. I have been in a wheelchair for seven years because of stroke and therefore my hobby is to read light and read. I only read foreign thrillers and I like them a lot. They fill me the day and they make me forget my disability and make me feel like the others.

In addition to being in love with his books, his fantastic characters, in my mind I imagined the city of duluth.

I have read many American writers but I have never seen so much BRIAN FREEMAN.


The translation may not be grammatically correct, but that doesn’t matter…her kind thoughts came through loud and clear…and warmed our hearts on this cold Minnesota day…!