Countdown to Stride

It’s been a busy year for book releases.

We started with THE URSULINA — my follow-up novel to THE DEEP, DEEP SNOW — in February. This summer we’ve had two more launches, my third Jason Bourne novel THE BOURNE SACRIFICE and my “Michael Crichtonesque” stand-alone thriller I REMEMBER YOU.

But we’re not done! It’s been two years since you last met Jonathan Stride in FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND. Now we’re counting down toward November 1 and the release of my latest Stride novel, THE ZERO NIGHT.

“Freeman makes the inner lives of the Strides accessible even for newcomers, and perfectly balances plot twists and character development,” says Publishers Weekly. “Those who like their crime thrillers infused with humanity will be rewarded.”

Be sure to pre-order your copy at your local bookseller or online!

The background is black and orange, with a suggestion of flames. A lowball tumbler glass is the dominant image of the picture, with a woman's eye staring through the liquid of the glass. The text THE ZERO NIGHT is in yellow, with the author name BRIAN FREEMAN in white above.