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Today (Easter Sunday) only…THE VOICE INSIDE is a Deal of the Day at Amazon. Put it on your Kindle at a great price!

(No foolin’!)


Here’s what Bookreporter says about the new Frost Easton novel THE VOICE INSIDE: “…an unputdownable psychological thriller that will linger with you long after the final page is read…. Brian Freeman is masterful in setting up the pace and suspense.”

Do you have your copy yet?

Nočný vták

Have you caught THE NIGHT BIRD…one of the top 20 Kindle bestsellers of 2017?

It’s flying around the world! The book is available now in a Slovak edition. You can watch the exciting Slovak video trailer for the book by clicking here.  (Just don’t ask me to translate.)


One of the things I most look forward to with the release of each new book is the opportunity to hear from readers. Have you written to me yet? If not, send me an e-mail at and give me your feedback. Yes, I always reply personally!

The more books I write (I’m at 14+ now!), I know readers will have their personal favorites. But I still want every reader to pick up each new book and say that this is the best one yet. I’ve been thrilled to hear from many, many readers who have said just that about the new Frost Easton novel, THE VOICE INSIDE.

Here are a few excerpts from what readers have been telling me:

“I LOVED the book!  I truly could not put it down.  The ending was spectacular; I did not see it coming.”

“You are truly my favorite author.”

“You just keep getting better!”

“This was my first ‘Frost’ novel and I must tell you. It was fantastic! It was suspenseful, thrilling  and fast-paced. Just the way I like it.”

So I have to tell all of you — you make my day! Keep reading…and keep writing.

TRUE STORY: The Stowaway

Did you dream as a kid of running away on a grand adventure? Then this week’s TRUE STORY is for you.

Join me Monday 2/5 at 8:30pm ET as I interview Laurie Gwen Shapiro about her new book THE STOWAWAY.

THE STOWAWAY begins in New York City in 1928 on the shore of the Hudson River. A Polish teenager named Billy Gawronski dives into the water and swims to the ship that will lead Commander Richard Byrd’s upcoming expedition to Antarctica. It’s an adventure that has captivated the world, with poor and rich alike clamoring for a place in history.

Billy’s goal? To sneak aboard and hide away until the ship is on its way.

Billy’s adventure — and Byrd’s expedition — take place in the shadow of boom times that are about to go bust. Laurie Gwen Shapiro captures the spirit of New York City, the spirit of the frozen continent, and the spirit of adventure driving everyone in Byrd’s party.

Listen live or archived:

TRUE STORY: Bringing Columbia Home

Discover great nonfiction storytellers on my podcast TRUE STORY.

Coming up Monday 1/29 8:30pm ET: My interview with Michael Leinbach and Jonathan Ward, authors of BRINGING COLUMBIA HOME.

The book tells the story of the 2003 Columbia shuttle tragedy that took the lives of seven astronauts, and the extraordinary effort to recover the remains of Columbia and its crew and piece together the mystery of what brought the shuttle down. Involving more than 25,000 men and women, and more than 680,000 acres of land (an area approximately the size of Rhode Island), the recovery proved to be the largest ground search operation in U.S. history.

It’s an amazing story of determination and resilience — and of the friendships forged by tragedy.

Listen in live or archived at:

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