All-New on January 29: THE CROOKED STREET

THE CROOKED STREET. Coming January 29.

Frost Easton faces his most twisted adversary ever…a shadowy criminal mastermind known only as Lombard.

Pre-order now in e-book, hardcover, paperback, and audio. Get it online or at your local bookstore. Click here to learn more.

Mark Your Calendar for Sunday

Mark your calendars for this Sunday, December 23.

Then RUN, do not walk…because MARATHON will be a Kindle Daily Deal. You can get it for a great price all day. Click here to go to the Kindle page.

See, Santa knows you’ve been good.

A Year of Great Events

The wonderful event at the Bookstore at Fitger’s in Duluth this week marked the last book event for us in 2018! Marcia and I have done more than 30 events this year: book club discussions, library presentations, bookstore visits, Skype/FaceTime call-ins, library fundraisers, etc…and we have loved the opportunity to chat personally with hundreds and hundreds of readers.

So a big THANK YOU to everyone who joined us this year! We will be kicking off more events in January, and Marcia and I hope to see you in your area during 2019. In the meantime…happy reading!

(And get ready for two new books next year!)

Looking for Signed Books?

From Marcia at

One of the greatest joys of Brian’s career as an author is the opportunity for him to get out from behind the desk…and meet readers in person. And he loves the chance to chat with folks individually and sign their books…! Often people want just his signature and the date…but in many cases, people will ask for a special inscription because the book holds some special significance for them…or it’s because they intend to give the book as a gift. Of course, he’s happy to oblige…and he’s very good at coming up with a comment or a phrase that works for any occasion. One of his favorites is when a reader asks him to sign his name and write something funny. So, when this happens…he lets his humorous side take over…and has actually written the words “something funny”…!

As we all know, giving books as gifts is a wonderful idea…and at this time of year, we’re being asked how folks can get books to give to family and friends. If you go to Brian’s website, you’ll find each of his books…and if you click on the individual books, you’ll find ways to order from your favorite bookseller, as well as a link to buy Brian’s two most recent books, ALTER EGO and THE VOICE INSIDE from us directly so that Brian can personally sign the book for you.

And while you’re there…don’t forget to pre-order Brian’s newest book, THE CROOKED STREET, which will hit bookstores and online retailers on January 29…! You won’t wanna miss the action as Frost Easton returns…!

Christmas in Stride Country

Kick off your holiday book shopping this THURSDAY 12/6 from 5-7pm at the Bookstore At Fitger’s in Duluth. I’ll be up in Stride Country signing books and chatting about what’s ahead for 2019. Because we all know that books make the perfect gift!

Not in Duluth? Can’t make the event? Call the store and order books by phone (218-727-9077)…just let them know how you’d like your gifts inscribed, and I’ll personalize them for you.

You know, I killed two people at Fitger’s in Duluth in GOODBYE TO THE DEAD…but they keep me inviting me back anyway. Now that’s Minnesota Nice.

Santa Says…

…that ALTER EGO is just $2.99 in the Kindle store!  See, he knows that you’ve been good.

Happy Thanksgiving

From Marcia at

Like many of you, this week we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving. We’ll be having some friends over to join us and our “boys”…and as we begin our preparations, Brian and I find ourselves reflecting on how thankful we are to have so many wonderful friends—like you–all around the world. Brian loves writing books and what a joy it is to know that his books have touched so many lives.

Every day Brian receives emails and messages from loyal and devoted fans…writing to tell him how much they enjoy reading his books. All of these messages are wonderful…and yes, he does read and respond to each of them personally.

This one was so touching, I asked him if I could show it to you…and of course, he said yes. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much of an impact we have on others…this was a lovely reminder. We’re thankful for all of you and the joy that you bring to our lives…Happy Thanksgiving to all of you…!

Here is the email…just as it was written….

Hello Brian Freeman.

I am ****, and I have recently become acquainted with (aka addicted to) your work and your alter ego, Jonathan Stride. I have been a book junkie since the age of 8, when, at my second grade book fair, I purchased my first book with my very own money. The title was, “The Happy Hollisters Haunted House Mystery”. Fifty-eight years have passed, yet every moment of that purchase is clear in my fuzzy mind.

I came upon your name about three weeks ago, and I have been working my way through the Stride series since. I just completed “The Cold Nowhere” and will be moving forward after this letter. I need to tell you that I usually cannot complete an entire series without taking breaks after every two or three novels to read something different before returning. Not so with your work. I’ve only EVER done this once before, and that was with the Lou Boldt/ Daphne Matthews series by Ridley Pearson. You are in a very exclusive club…rightfully so!! So, move over Ridley, because you must now share your pedestal with Brian! I am nearly 67 now and I am handicapped. It is because of The Library of Congress BARD program for blind and handicapped people that I am able to continue to read and remain sane. Thank you so very very much for making your work available to them. Really Brian, nothing I can say is enough. Nothing I can say is adequate enough to help you understand how much this means to me. The quality of my life is quite different now, but as long as I can climb inside a book and live there….life remains grand. I appreciate you. Please give my best to your lovely Marcia. Carpe Librum

Open Sesame

From Marcia at

One of the things that I try to do is to share fun and interesting details of our lives…but the reality of it is that, unless we’re out traveling and doing book promotion events, we’re home and Brian is busily writing away in his office (which, of course, he’s doing currently). That being said, we usually do quite a number of events each year, so we spend a lot of time out on the road.

When we travel, I enjoy taking pictures…so thank goodness for the quality of cellphone cameras, right…? Of course, I’ll take some pictures at the book events…and maybe you’ve even seen me “snapping away” at some of them. But I also enjoy taking “touristy” pictures…so if our schedule permits, we’ll go and visit the local tourist attractions in any given area. (Yes, that does sometimes include cemeteries and ruined buildings—cause after all, we never know when or where something will prove inspirational for a future book…!)

Sometimes though, as in this case, I’ll see something that is so unique, I’ve just gotta take a picture. Now, if you take a look real closely at this one…hopefully you’ll be able to see what it is and figure out how it’s supposed to be used…! But…just in case you’re stumped…thank goodness they also had instructions and a diagram…

Stock Up Your Kindle

I’m seeing some great e-book prices online for several of my earlier novels. SPILLED BLOOD…SEASON OF FEAR…TURN TO STONE…GOODBYE TO THE DEAD…ranging from $2.99 to $4.99 for your Kindle. Good time to dive in!


Trick or Treat

Trick or treat!

THE VOICE INSIDE begins on Halloween night…so what better week to share a video of me reading the first chapter? Grab the popcorn and have a listen.