Social Distancing

From Marcia at

With April 1 soon upon us, many of us are asking whether we’re all living through one of the biggest April Fool’s Day jokes ever. Sadly, the answer is no…the current healthcare situation with Covid-19 is very real and very scary. Our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones—we wish you peace and comfort.

Minnesota is one of the many states where there is currently a “stay in place” order from the governor…but even before this official order came through, Brian and I were in discussion with the coordinators at all of the various venues where he was scheduled to appear over these next few months about how to best keep everyone safe. And we all unanimously decided that the best thing to do would be to postpone for now—and then reschedule these events when we’re all confident that it is safe to do so. (So, if you check out Brian’s website, you’ll see that all of the upcoming events that were scheduled through mid May are now listed as “postponed.” I would encourage you to check back periodically—we’ll post the new dates and times as soon as they are rescheduled.)

On the bright side, this change in schedule, coupled with the “stay at home” order, has meant more writing time for Brian…and that’s always a good thing. He’s rapidly approaching the completion of his next manuscript…so I hope to be able to do my first read-through sometime in the next few weeks…! I can’t tell you how excited I am about that…! If you’ve read earlier entries here, then you know that I actually know nothing about this new book—just the title…INFINITE…! What a tease, huh…!?

Of course, these are difficult times for many…so it’s important that we all work together. If you’re able, support your local merchants—they’ll be some of the hardest hit during the current restrictions. And even if they’re currently closed, many stores and restaurants are offering extra perks when you purchase their gift cards for future use. Be sure to check in with your local favorites…!

And finally, Brian and the boys and I want to give a great big shout out to all of those who are continuing to do their jobs—both at home and “out there” in the world…keeping us all moving forward…! Healthcare workers, first responders, military, and law enforcement officers are at the top of our list…!

And to all of you…stay safe…and healthy…and we look forward to many more years together.