1. Brian says this is the most unusual story he’s ever told. How do you compare this to his other books?
  2. Dylan starts out as a harder-edged character struggling with his flaws. Did you come to like him as a hero as the story went on?
  3. The ending begs the question of what’s real and what’s not. Did any of this really happen to Dylan?
  4. What questions does the book raise about personal identity and the choices we make in life?
  5. What genre would you call this book? Thriller? Horror? Science fiction?
  6. Talk about Eve Brier’s role in the story and her connection to Dylan.
  7. Do the same regarding his friendship with Roscoe.
  8. Does this novel remind you of other books? Other authors?
  9. Brian likes to give readers a “you are there” feel with his settings. Discuss his use of Chicago as the locale for this book.
  10. Have you heard of the theory in Quantum Mechanics of parallel universes? So…do you believe it’s possible?
  11. Who should play Dylan in a movie or TV version of INFINITE?