1. What do you think is next for Stride after the dramatic events of the book?
  2. Discuss Stride’s “dream” sequence and your reaction to it.
  3. Some readers have called this the most emotional Stride novel. What do you think?
  4. Do you think Maggie ever actually suspected Stride?
  5. Discuss Andrea as a character and how the assault as a teenager changed her life. 
  6. The question of reliability in a victim’s memory is a sensitive issue. How did you feel about the mistake Andrea made?
  7. Talk about Brayden’s role in the story. Do you believe that his killing Ned was really self-defense?
  8. How has Cat matured over the last several books?
  9. Who’s your favorite character in the Stride series (other than Stride!)?
  10. Brian sometimes says villains are the most fun characters to write. Talk about Colleen in this book and her obsession with Cat.