1. Brian’s novels feature more sexual content than many novels in the suspense genre. Why do you think he chooses this technique? How did the focus on sexuality affect your knowledge of the characters and your enjoyment of the book?
  2. Did Stride make the right choice with regard to Andrea at the end of the book? Why do you think he chose to act as he did?
  3. Many readers have commented that Rachel – who is the victim – is the most “immoral” character in the book? How did Rachel evolve as she did? What influenced her? Is she evil? Is she believable?
  4. How do the settings of Duluth and Las Vegas become characters in the book? Why did the author choose cities that are so dramatically different?
  5. How does the name Jonathan Stride reflect his character? What are Stride’s virtues and flaws as a hero? How did the death of his first wife, and his failure to resolve the disappearance of Kerry McGrath, affect his approach to Rachel’s case?
  6. Brian calls his novels “psychological suspense” rather than “mysteries.” Is this an apt description? How would you compare and contrast his approach to the genre with other authors you enjoy?
  7. What is the source of the attraction between Stride and Serena? Is it purely sexual? How are their relationships with their police partners (Maggie and Cordy) different?
  8. Go back and re-read the prologue and first chapter. How many hidden clues can you find to the ultimate resolution of the book?
  9. This novel includes an extended courtroom sequence in the middle of the book. How did the legal battle contribute to the suspense?
  10. Who does Stride really belong with? Cindy, Andrea, Maggie, or Serena?
  11. Have you read Brian’s other books? Compare IMMORAL to the others he has written. Which one is your favorite? Why?