1. This novel originally appeared as an Audible Original, exclusively in audiobook format. Did you listen to the book, or did you read it in the subsequent e-book or print formats? Or both?
  2. If you listened to the book, talk about the way the narration by January LaVoy brought the story and characters to life.
  3. All of Brian’s other novels have been narrated in audio format by Joe Barrett. Now January LaVoy has done THE DEEP, DEEP SNOW and Brian’s thriller THIEF RIVER FALLS. How do you compare the two as narrators?
  4. This is Brian’s first thriller in first-person narration. How did Shelby’s narrative voice affect the plot and your enjoyment of the story?
  5. Have you read Brian’s other novels? How do you compare THE DEEP, DEEP SNOW to Brian’s series books featuring Jonathan Stride and Frost Easton?
  6. The novel takes place with a long gap in time between parts one and two. How did this time shift work for you? What did it mean to have the characters older in the second half? (Why do you think Brian used this narrative device?)
  7. What was your favorite scene, and why?
  8. Talk about Shelby’s relationship with her father throughout the book.
  9. Brian has said he wanted to write a crime novel where there was really no “crime” in the book – where the explanations for the mysteries were tragic but well-intentioned. How did this play out in the novel?
  10. Did you realize as you neared the end that there were more twists ahead? Did you cry at the resolution?
  11. Talk about Shelby’s relationship with Anna and how it evolves in the book.
  12. Brian’s novels often deal with the “ripple effects” of a mystery on people’s lives. How do you see that in the characters here?
  13. What do you think is the truth behind Shelby’s parentage?