1. So…did you see it coming? (You know what I’m talking about.)
  2. Are you hungry for book #4 in the series? What do you think is next for Frost Easton?
  3. Have you read the earlier Frost novels (THE NIGHT BIRD and THE VOICE INSIDE)? How has Frost’s character evolved since the first book?
  4. Who’s your favorite character? (If you all say Shack, then who’s #2?)
  5. Brian likes to say that the settings are like characters in his novels. How does he use San Francisco in this book?
  6. Have you read Brian’s other books? How does Frost compare to a hero like Jonathan Stride?
  7. For a character who’s sometimes called a “Boy Scout,” Frost faces tough moral choices in this book. How did you react to his growing relationship with Tabby?
  8. What was your reaction to Fox? Did he surprise you?
  9. Did Prisha and Zara make the right choice? Were they wrong to do what they did?
  10. Brian deliberately echoed the Moriarty character from Sherlock Holmes with Lombard. What secrets do you think Lombard is hiding?
  11. What was your favorite scene in the book?
  12. What’s the real truth about Tabby?