Panda Lover

A great benefit of Brian’s career as an author is all of the wonderful people we meet at events and here on Facebook. And last year around this time, I met a lovely woman who saw one of the pictures that I posted here on Facebook…one with Brian and our neighbors’ adorable little dog Maggie. She is a fan of Brian’s books…and she just happened to live in an area that Brian and I were going to be visiting on that very same day! Talk about coincidences…!

panda-ornamentSince that time, she and I have become wonderful friends…we exchange messages and talk regularly and we try to get together whenever our schedules permit. Last night was one of those times…and I was so touched when she gave me a very special gift…this hand-painted Christmas ornament…! Of course, I’m a cat lover…but I’m also a panda lover—having seen live pandas at the San Francisco, Washington DC and London zoos. Over the years, Brian and I have collected panda-themed items, many of which are prominently displayed around our house. In fact, you should see our stuffed panda collection.

As I sit here, looking at this beautiful ornament—and thinking about how wonderful it is that Brian and I have friends and fans around the world–I can’t help but also think…”uh-oh, Christmas isn’t really that far away…!

THE NIGHT BIRD. Coming February 1, 2017

The Night Bird

Memories can kill.  Don’t forget.

Get ready for an all-new thriller from me on February 1, 2017:  THE NIGHT BIRD.  It’s available for pre-order right now…just click here for more information.

THE NIGHT BIRD uses the foggy, dramatic locale of San Francisco as its backdrop, with settings from the Bay Bridge to Golden Gate Park to Coit Tower. The book introduces a sexy new hero, Homicide Inspector Frost Easton, who patrols the city’s murder beat with his adopted cat, Shack.THE NIGHT BIRD. Coming February 1, 2017

And the plot? It’s wonderfully creepy. San Francisco psychiatrist Francesca Stein treats patients by erasing their most terrifying memories — but now her patients are dying, and Frost has to hunt down a killer who can turn memories into a murder weapon.

THE NIGHT BIRD will be landing soon…get your copy as soon as it’s available!