The Freemans Eat Cake

From Marcia at

One of the things that I like to do on this page is to tell you about some of the fun, funny and exciting things that happen to us. But sometimes, there’s really not too much to tell. This summer has been a great example of that.

As you probably already know, Brian has been busily working on multiple projects this summer—including a new Jonathan Stride novel…and a new novel in the Jason Bourne series by Robert Ludlum. This means that, instead of scheduling a lot of book events, we’ve been mostly home for the summer. We get up in the morning, have coffee together (with an occasional feline wandering though) and then Brian spends the day writing. The end of the day means a dinner at home or possibly out with friends.

And of course, there are errands to run. Just like everyone else…we have to go to places like the gas station, the hardware store, the grocery store, the pet food store…well, you get the picture. Pretty standard stuff, right…? Well, that is…until something exciting happens…as it just did…!

While Brian was out running a couple of errands, we both received an email from his literary agent. I was at home, so I saw the message first. But as soon as I opened it…I called Brian immediately and asked if he’d seen it yet. He hadn’t…so I told him he needed to check his email right away…! He said “okay” and we hung up.

Less than a minute later, my phone rang…and of course, it was Brian…telling me that he’d read the message and would be home as soon as he could…!

So, at this point, you’re probably wondering what that message said. Well, it was short…and simple…and it said:

“Brian, you’re NUMBER 12 on The NY Times audio bestseller list!!!!”

Indeed, that’s exactly the kind of message that every author looks forward to receiving…!

Brian’s audiobook, THE DEEP, DEEP SNOW (narrated by the talented actress January LaVoy), is on the August 2019 New York Times Bestseller List for Audio Fiction. Needless to say, it’s truly an honor…and we were thrilled with the news…! And yes, a bit of celebrating was in order…!

(And just FYI: For now, the book is only available in audio, but the wonderful folks at Blackstone Publishing will be producing print and e-book versions at a future date. Of course, we’ll let you know when we have further details about the release date.)