The City By the Bay

From Marcia at

Earlier this week, parts of Minnesota had a major snowstorm roll through…with reports of anywhere from 5-18 inches of snow falling in a less than 24 hour period. (In our area—just east of the Twin Cities—we got a foot of snow. Thankfully we have a very good snowblower…!) We Minnesotans are a hearty bunch, so while some folks may go south for the winter, Brian and I generally stay put…with the cats…and just weather the snowstorms from indoors. Still, there are times when we’d love to “jet off” to a warmer place for the winter. One of our favorite places to go is the “City By The Bay”…San Francisco. Because Brian grew up in that area, we still have family and many friends out there, so it’s always a great getaway. Not only are there great restaurants (seafood to die for, of course), shops and plenty of museums to satisfy any interest…It’s also the place where the newest Frost Easton book, THE VOICE INSIDE, is set.

When we head out there, one of the things that I truly LOVE is flying into the city over the clouds…of course, courtesy of Brian’s imagination, you never know what kind of mayhem can follow your landing…!