1. Discuss Stride’s situation in this book. Did you sympathize with him? Were you angry with him?
  2. Should Serena have forgiven Stride? Where does their relationship go from here? What should Serena do next?
  3. What happens now between Stride and Maggie?
  4. Was Marcus right about being treated unfairly even though he was “innocent”?
  5. Discuss the final interaction in the book between Valerie and Kasey. Did Kasey deserve Valerie’s forgiveness?
  6. Who was the most evil character in the book? Nieman? Kasey? Regan?
  7. Did you re-read the prologue after discovering the secret of the book? How did it change for you?
  8. There is less sexuality in this book than many of Brian’s other novels. Did you miss it?
  9. Have you read Brian’s other books? Compare THE BURYING PLACE to the others he has written. Which is your favorite? Why?