1. This book has different titles in the U.S. (IN THE DARK) and the U.K. (THE WATCHER). Which title do you prefer? Which one best fits the action of the novel?
  2. Brian calls his novels “psychological suspense” rather than “mysteries.” Is this an apt description? How would you compare and contrast his approach to the genre with other authors you enjoy?
  3. Did the ending leave you in tears? How is Stride likely to be changed by his experiences at the end of the book?
  4. How did the book-within-a-book structure affect the flow of the narrative for you? Why do you think Brian chose this technique?
  5. How do the cities of Duluth and Superior become “characters” in the book? In what way does the setting enrich the drama?
  6. Discuss your reactions to Tish Verdure as a character. What was your final assessment of her at the end of the book?
  7. There are strong, conflicted women in this book. How do you compare and contrast characters like Serena, Maggie, Tish, and Rikke?
  8. Talk about the fate of Clark Biggs. Does he deserve what happens to him? Does he act in a “moral” way?
  9. Brian often says that he never wants chapters to end the way reader expects them to end. What were some of the best examples of this approach to storytelling in the book?
  10. Would it have been better for everyone if Laura’s case had remained unsolved?
  11. Have you read Brian’s other books? Compare IN THE DARK/THE WATCHER to the others he has written. Which one is your favorite? Why?