Alison Malville is having trouble sleeping at night. It’s the ants, swarming over her, filling her ears and her nostrils, making it impossible to breathe. Even when she wakes from this recurring nightmare — sweaty and panting, her heart pounding — the fear remains.

Of course, it’s not really the ants driving Alison mad. It’s not even the “spitting devil” her son uses as his excuse when dishes are broken or when the juice carton has once again been returned to the fridge empty. No, it’s her husband who’s driving her mad. She’s convinced he’s the Duluth serial killer known as Dead Red, and she has to decide whether to turn him in to the police.

In this chilling short story from master of psychological suspense Brian Freeman, Detective Jonathan Stride returns to track down a diabolical killer who has his sights set on Alison Malville.