Sneaking into a Movie

From Marcia at

Although it may seem like there hasn’t been a lot of activity in the Freeman household during these past few months…in fact, quite the opposite has been true. Although we’ve cut back on our travel and events schedule significantly, Brian has been busily writing away on several projects…!

Just last week, he turned in the next book in the Jonathan Stride series…FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND. (We love that title.)

And next week, he’ll turn in the new Jason Bourne book…! We don’t have final word on the title, yet, but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know…of course…!

We can’t wait to see what the publishers do with cover art for each of those books.

Book covers are always a fun part of the whole author/publisher partnership and over the years, Brian has had some truly amazing cover art used on his books…so it’s always fun to see his books appearing in various places. Recently, a very devoted fan of his saw one of his books used as a prop in a movie…! In the 2018 movie “Can You Ever Forgive Me” starring Melissa McCarthy (we loved her in the “Gilmore Girls” television series), there is a scene in a bookstore…and if you look at this picture VERY closely…you’ll see in the forefront…the cover of Brian’s second Jonathan Stride book, STRIPPED…! So exciting…!

BUT…here’s where the story becomes even more fun…! The movie is set in New York in 1991…but STRIPPED wasn’t actually published until 2006…!