Doesn’t He Know About Shack?

From Marcia at

Whether you’re new to my page or a long time reader, you know that one of the things that I try to do here is tell you some of the fun and funny things that happen in our lives. And if you take a look back, you’ll see that I include a photo to help illustrate the story behind the post. Although the photos are usually candid, there are times when I do actually have to stage the picture—in order to get what I really want you to see.

With Brian’s newest book coming out in just a few short weeks, I thought the time would be right to post a picture of one of our cats perusing the book…just as I’ve done with the previous books. And with our Minnesota temperatures still well below zero (yes, that’s Fahrenheit), today seemed the perfect day to work on staging that purrfect picture. But as you can see…our cat had his own idea of how to spend the cold, winter afternoon.

So, after several hours of randomly trying to entice him into posing for me, I knew we were gonna have to put off his “photo shoot” till another day.

Be sure to check back again…just to see if I have any better luck with my next try…!