Available Now

The wait is over!  My new Jonathan Stride thriller MARATHON is available now in e-book, hardcover, and audio.

This is a very important book for me.  It was clearly inspired by the events in Boston four years ago, but I made a decision early on not to write a book simply about terrorism.  We have many fine thriller writers who have covered that ground.  I wanted to write a very different kind of book — one that deals with hatred in its rawest forms and shows how hatred becomes a self-perpetuating cycle of violence and revenge.

I also wanted to shine a spotlight on how social media has changed the way we relate to tragedies.  In MARATHON, the “incident” deliberately happens off-stage, and the reader discovers that something has occurred through “tweets” — much the way we find out about shocking news in real life.  Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have become our source of news, but along with the hard information, there is also rumor, misinformation, and wild speculation.  That’s a dangerous combination.

MARATHON is made for book clubs.  You’ll find book club discussion questions on my website.  This novel is intended to get people talking about the things that divide us and the things that bring us together.  I hope you’ll add it to your list this year (and if you do, feel free to invite me to join your discussion by FaceTime or Skype).

Don’t forget to post your own reviews, too, at Goodreads, Amazon, BN, and other readers sites.  Your feedback really does make a difference.

Happy reading!