Although we live in Minnesota, Brian is often asked why he chose to set his newest book. THE NIGHT BIRD, out in San Francisco. That’s an easy one…Brian was actually born in Chicago (yes, his early years were spent in the shadow of Wrigley Field). In the early 1970s, his entire family relocated out to northern California. A midwestern boy at heart, Brian came back here for college and has been here ever since.

Most of the Freeman family is still out in the Bay area, so it seemed a natural fit for Brian to finally set a series of books out there. We go out to California regularly to visit family and friends, and just as he does with his Jonathan Stride books, we take time to go off in search of new and creepy locations for him to use in future books.

But one of our favorite “not-so-creepy” spots is a local bakery in his hometown that makes the best croissants we’ve ever had. So, everyday, before we head off in search of new places, we make a stop for a morning treat like this one…! After all, we can’t be expected to face those dark and creepy locales on an empty stomach…!