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Booklist on West 57

Have you read my latest book, WEST 57…? This book is totally different from my dark, intense thrillers — but regardless of what genre you read, I think you’ll enjoy WEST 57. Booklist — the publication of the American Library Association — just chimed in with their review: “Freeman, better known as thriller writer Brian […]

Stride and Cab

Readers first met Cab Bolton in my sixth novel THE BONE HOUSE — which was also my first novel not to feature Duluth police lieutenant Jonathan Stride. I originally envisioned THE BONE HOUSE as a stand-alone, but readers soon demanded to see more of this quirky Florida detective. Well, after the pure stand-alone SPILLED BLOOD […]

Brian on Psychological Thrillers

I’ve never been a fan of putting novels in boxes. To me, each novel should stand on its own based on its plot and characters, because the styles of all good authors are necessarily different. You may find echoes from author to author, or even book to book, but each novel (even among a series […]